crafted by photobiz


Kevin,I got the cd yesterday and Wow! I love them!! With your permission, I'll put some on our Mrs. Missouri website. you so very much! I'd love to work with you again.Thank you,Heather

Thank you so much! The pictures turned out amazing! you did a wonderful job :) Let me know when your free to shoot again!

Thanks Kev! We had such a great time working with you as well! Your pictures are awesome, and look forward to seeing your new work:)

Wow, you were right, the blue really looks good in the pics! I can't wait to see the rest, I had a great time shooting with you!

These are some of the best pics I've seen. I love the movement of the dress.  Great job.  Is there any way you could send these to me on a cd.  I would like to blow them up for my store wall .  Looking at maybe doing an ad for school newspapers for courtwarming.  Call me,Shelley